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Representing you in your family law matter, I make a promise that you won’t be disappointed. I will represent all of your rights and privileges, while making sure you receive the best results. Cost associated with divorce can add extra unnecessary stress, I believe everyone should be represented rightly. Not all divorce lawyers are the same so choose wisely. The Law Offices of Michelle Sacco Massaro make sure that practical advice and tailored representation is provided to the client’s desired results. Effective representation requires constant interaction between the lawyers and their clients. I work to keep my clients actively engaged throughout the entire legal process.

To learn more about how I can assist you at a free, no-obligation consultation, call +1 781 281 0734 or contact through email.

"Do it yourself divorce" or "Do it yourself internet divorce" are not recommended by Law Office of Michelle Sacco Massaro. You may be entering into an agreement that may limit your future rights.

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Beware Of "Do It Yourself" Divorce

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Divorce can be difficult.

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Always consult an attorney when entering into a legal agreement.

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Every family’s is unique and every legal issue affects your family — it helps to have a divorce lawyer who will work with you directly to develop a solution that fits you.

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I care about my clients and their future well-being, so I provide cost effective advocacy that will protect their rights and provide results tailored to their goals. I pride myself on being attentive to my client’s needs and always return client inquiries quickly.


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